In San Juan del Sur, you can buy fruits and vegetables at several places. Here are some options:

  • Local Markets: San Juan del Sur has a local market where you can find a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. These markets are usually open in the mornings and offer a wide range of produce at affordable prices.
  • Supermarkets: There are a few supermarkets in San Juan del Sur where you can find a selection of fruits and vegetables. Some popular supermarkets in the area include Pali Supermarket, which offer a variety of fresh produce options.
  • Street Vendors: You'll also find street vendors selling fruits and vegetables in different areas of San Juan del Sur. These vendors often have seasonal and locally sourced produce available for purchase.
  • Organic Farms: If you prefer organic produce, there are organic farms in and around San Juan del Sur that offer fruits and vegetables. These farms may have their own stores or participate in local farmers' markets.

It's always a good idea to ask locals or residents in San Juan del Sur for specific recommendations on the best places to buy fruits and vegetables, as they can provide up-to-date information on the freshest and most affordable options available in the area.

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