San Juan Del Sur Day School (SJDSDS) is aprivate international school located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, that offers high-quality English education to children in the community.

The school was founded in 2009 by Julie Speier with the goal of providing an alternative to the limited educational options available in the area.
Today, SJDSDS is the premier educational institution in San Juan Del Sur, and is especially popular with expat families.

The school offers full-service preschool, primary, and middle-school education to both Nicaraguan and foreign children. The goal is to ensure that students can get the same (or better!) quality of education than they would get in the US, Canada or Europe.

The school follows an international English school curriculum and covers all of the standard subjects, including math, science, English, social studies, and languages. Additionally, the school places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, with a focus on outdoor activities, field trips, and exploration. The majority of the teachers at SJDSDS are expats, most of whom are parents themselves, and were trained in Canada or the United States.

This means that the level of education at the school is similar, and in some ways even better, than what a student would get in a public school in those countries. Additionally, given that the students are learning in Nicaragua, they get a true bilingual education, which is ideal for young learners. One of the unique features of the school is its location on an organic cloud farm, which provides students with a wealth of opportunities to learn about nature and the environment.

The campus is surrounded by lush green fields, and students have access to a wide range of outdoor activities, including gardening, hiking, and bird-watching. The school is also home to a variety of farm animals, including chickens, cows, and horses, which students can learn about and interact with. The school also boasts classrooms with ocean views, an incredible grass sports field, and a small basketball court. In addition, the school has a character-building program that helps build values and grow well-rounded, caring, and positive kids.

This program focuses on the development of key social and emotional skills, such as empathy, resilience, and teamwork. The school has recently grown from a small to a medium-sized school, but still maintains its familial spirit and tight-knit expat community. While the school is growing, it has managed to maintain a small-school atmosphere, where students and teachers know each other well. This creates a warm and welcoming environment where students feel safe and supported. The school also provides transportation for students, with bus stops located at convenient locations around San Juan del Sur.

The school bus schedule is design ed to accommodate the needs of families, making it easy for students to get to and from school safely. The school has a friendly environment and students tend tomate a lot of great friends. The school currently serves over 160 students from pre-k through 11th grade, with a grade added every year so that students will be able to graduate with a high school diploma from the school within the next2 years. The cost of attending the school is approximately $500 US per Child, per month, which can be viewed as a worthwhile investment in education that offers exceptional value. The school is located just outside of the town of San Juan del Sur in the Fincas Las Nubes Community.

The school is at the top of a hill on a beautiful campus surrounded by lush green fields. If you’re think in gof moving to Nicaragua with children and need more information, you can contact the school directly through their website, or their Facebook page


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