Rugby in Nicaragua: BVN Real Estate's Support and Recent Highlights

BVN Real Estate is proud to support the rugby community in Nicaragua, including the San Juan del Sur rugby club and the national teams for both 7s and 15s rugby.

Recent Events and Achievements

April 2024 Beach TournamentIn April 2024, San Juan del Sur hosted its traditional beach rugby tournament. The competition was fierce, with teams such as:

  • Los Gallos de Tola
  • Managua Rugby FC
  • Ulua UNI Managua
  • Chinandega Las Panteras
  • Les Chorotegas Managua
  • Granada Rugby Club

San Juan del Sur emerged victorious, showcasing their strength and skill on home turf.

June 22, 2024: International MatchThe national team, under the Rivas Rugby association, played against Costa Rica in Liberia. Despite a tough match where Costa Rica won 76-5, Nicaragua's team demonstrated resilience and preparation. Three players from San Juan del Sur represented the national team, highlighting the local club's contribution to the national squad.

Background and Growth of Rugby in Nicaragua

Rugby in Nicaragua began in 2011, thanks to Mike, an English Nicaraguan who established the first team at the French college of Managua. The league maintains a strong French influence and has expanded to include:

  • 8 men's teams
  • 4 women's teams
  • 3 regional associations: Rivas, Granada, Managua.

The national teams have been recognized by the IRD since 2019 and compete in the South America Rugby circuit. In November 2023, Nicaragua's men's and women's teams participated in the Central American tournament, earning bronze medals behind Panama and Costa Rica.

Club-Level Success

Gallos de Tola's men's team dominated the 2022 Rugby 7s and Rugby 15s leagues, and their women's team won the Rugby 7s league.

Continued Growth and Support

The Granada Sevens Rugby tournament in April featured national teams from Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala. Additionally, the Canadian team, The Hollers Rugby, has been instrumental in providing ongoing support and equipment for the sport's development in Nicaragua. In 2020, the national team faced off against Toronto Nomad from Canada's first division and secured a victory, demonstrating Nicaragua's growing prowess in rugby.

BVN Real Estate is committed to supporting the rugby community, fostering the sport's growth, and celebrating the achievements of Nicaraguan rugby teams both locally and internationally.

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