Being one of the Central American countries, depending on where you come from, access can be by land, sea or air. There are different options to get to this country, which is little known as a migration destination. The offers and conditions are varied; In this article we hope to give you good advice so you can decide if you want to live in Nicaragua or not.

How is life in Nicaragua?

Starting a new life in Nicaragua is not as complicated as in other places, since it hardly appears in the eyes of migration. Currently a visa is not required to enter the country and foreign investments are not prohibited, so it is still uncharted territory for immigrants.

According to some surveys, the cost of living in this country is 60% lower than in the United States, making it an attractive destination for its economy, citizen security and tax benefits, apart from the tropical climate and its beautiful beaches.

According to an INCAE study, it is the safest country in Central America. It has 215 miles of coastline that point to the Pacific Ocean and about 330 miles to the Caribbean. Also, the farthest beach is three meters from anywhere in the country.

Nicaragua offers quite interesting houses in the colonial quarter just a few meters away from one of the best promenades; You will also have the option of living in a condominium overlooking the beach, and because it is a tropical country, the lowest temperatures reach only 20.5ºC, so it is a perfect climate to enjoy.

They argue that it is an excellent country to invest, because there is no visa that restricts the work of immigrants. Due to its proximity to other key countries for import and export, it is an excellent destination with a high level of tourism.

Best areas to live in Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers several places to enjoy walks and historical events such as Granada, where you can see beautiful colonial and neoclassical architecture. If you are in Granada, you should visit the city considered its rival, León, here you will also find beautiful classic buildings such as the Insigne Real Basílica Catedral, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

If you go to San Juan del Sur you will notice that it was a fishing town, transformed into a tourist destination over the years, as it has a nightlife and several of its establishments are located on the paradisiacal beaches of the coast, where you can also find a wildlife refuge for turtles.

The Ometepe and Corn Islands are paradisiacal places located on the Atlantic coast with virgin white sand beaches and almost turquoise blue waters, where you can take long walks, snorkel in reefs, deep dive, in short, enjoy the Beach.

The Volcanic Islands are characterized by their unique and exotic settings, with unique bird species and beaches with waves. In those islands there are still virgin or unexplored corners. I recommend that you visit the Masaya Volcano, in which there are some colonial buildings that are still preserved.

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