Children in San Juan del Sur's villa have the opportunity to regularly participate in cultural activities organized by the municipality. These activities take place two to three times a month, either at the park near the church or in the neighborhood. They are led by a clown who offers small challenges to children in exchange for prizes such as popcorn, soccer balls, or other toys. The children love these moments of entertainment and whenever they hear the clown's voice on the microphone, they ask to participate.These activities are offered free of charge to all children in the city, whether they are residents or passing foreigners. They create moments of connection among parents, foster community cohesion, and entertain children. San Juan del Sur is a dynamic and welcoming city that offers an ideal setting for families looking for a destination that is both fun and fulfilling for their children. By promoting social inclusion and diversity, these activities contribute to strengthening the social bond and cohesion of the community.The municipality's activities are not limited to the games proposed by the clown. Sometimes, piñatas, readings, and puppet shows are also on the program. These diverse and varied activities allow children to discover new things, learn while having fun, and develop their creativity. Children can thus enjoy a wide range of free cultural activities that enrich their daily lives and strengthen their attachment to the community.


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